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Finding Helliemae's Factory

Helliemae's doesn't have a retail store - our location is our production kitchen. We open it up for caramel hours one Thursday the month from 4-6pm. One note: caramel hours are for grown-ups - the kitchen can be dangerous for little folks.

Next one? Thursday 3/27. And that's the last for a while - we're moving to bigger digs and will re-start the tradition there in a few months.

Directions are below, because it's tricky to find us the first time. And well-policed: take the 35 MPH limit on the frontage road seriously.

7711 W 6th Ave Ste L

Lakewood CO 80214


Getting to Helliemae's from downtown Denver:

Take 6th Ave West to Wadsworth North exit.

Immediately zoom all the way left on Wadsworth to take a left on the westbound frontage road. You won't be able to b/c of traffic, so go up and flip an U, then turn west onto the frontage road.

Right away, you'll see a Public Storage on your right. The IMMEDIATE next driveway is for the "West 6th Ave Business Park" (you won't be able to see the sign) - a group of light industrial buildings. That's me. I'm at the back (north) of the lot, next to "Lifestyles Catering" (they have a banner).

What if I miss the driveway?

The first street that will help you is Carr: stay on frontage road to stop sign, then immediate next street is Carr. Turn right/north, go to W 10th Ave, turn right/east, go to Wadsworth, turn right/south and try again.

Do not turn on a street before Carr, because none of them go through. I didn't believe Google Maps and tested it out. The Google, it was right.

Now, remember. This is a tiny factory, not a retail storefront. We host caramel hours but at other times, we may not be here, or we may be making delicious treats and unavailable. We'd love to hear from you - want to say hi?

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